5 famous Pocket watches

Watches are the most elegant and priceless gift for anybody. Before the innovation of smart phones people used to have wrist watches and wall clocks to know about the time. But even before wrist watches came into fashion there was another type of watch that was quite stylish and was in use. People used to carry them not only for the time seeing purpose but they were also used to indicate directions. And this ancient and most stylish accessory was pocket watch. Pocket watch is a small circular pendulum that is usually attached with the chain. It was so important that it had every man suiting had an extra pocket and attachment for this watch.

With the time and invention of wrist, clock and alarm watches, pocket watches started to lose its importance but in this era these watches are making a comeback in men fashion. It looks classy and elegant and gives a very artistic look to a person’s personality without putting much effort.

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Following are some really cool pocket watch design that each of you would love to have.

Tissot Bridgeport Lepine Mechanical Pocket Watch

Tissot has a great history in making watches. Tissot always bring something new and timeless in their pocket watches as we take the example of this Bridgeport Lepine watch it is both classy and timeless. It gives you a touch of Arabian era with its Arabic numerals and its 6’o cock mark and a small second’s mark. It has a very unique retro style dial. It comes in different dial colors. This watch is water resistant and it has a case size of 45 milliliter. It is made of 316 stainless steel along with PVD coating of rose gold. It also has a Swiss mechanical movement. All in all this watch is the optimum of class and history.

Half Hunter Eagle

It is one of its kind vintage watches. It is made up of bronze metal with the design of detailed eagle. The watch is made in a style that shows the wings of the eagle on one side and on the back of these wings there are Arabic numerals. Like other common watches it also has a three hand design. It has a quartz movement with the 45 millimeter case size.

Mechanical Skeleton ManChDa watch

This pocket watch is surely the best pocket watch with its intimidating skeleton pattern. It brings the dark shady side of a person .It has acrylic coating in its front and back.  It has a removable metal link with the chain. This is one of the best steampunk pocket watch to give anyone.

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