Everything You Need To Know About Cigars


Camacho cigars were created by Simon Camacho in 1961. Simon’s company became a success. In 1995 the Eiroa family accumulated the business. Cigars are made with several different tobacco leaves. Different types of tobacco leaves are a key factor in how the cigar will taste and look.

An interesting fact about cigars is that the darker the wrapper the sweeter the cigar will be. The origin of cigars is not really known but a pot was found in Guatemala from the tenth century representing a form of smoking. Tobacco leaves are aged and harvested by a curing process.

The curing process involves heat and shade. Heat and shade help lessen sugar and water and also prevent bigger leaves from rotting. Cigar smoking is known to cause several different types of illnesses. The outer layer of the cigar is the priciest. The wrappers are grown underneath gauze to prevent direct sunlight. Plus, the wrapper is fermented away from other wrappers. This whole process determines the texture and everything.

What is a Cigar Made Of?

Most of the cigar is made with tobacco leaves. The tobacco is specially handled to let air travel between the cigar. A cigar made with tobacco leaves not permitting air to travel through, is considered too light. Also, one with too much air travel is called too loose.

Different types of tobacco filler can make a cigar a lot different from another. Plus when the cigar is fermented it adds even more distinction to each cigar. There are so many different cigar brands. Each cigar brand has different flavors you can pick from.

How Are Cigars Made?

There are two ways cigars made. The first way is handmade and the other is machine-made. Hand made cigars are created using pure tobacco. Machine-made cigars are not made with a hundred percent tobacco. Machine-made cigars may contain chemicals and other ingredients. A lot of people believe that handmade cigars are very expensive, but that is not true. Some hand made cigars that are available in cigar shops may be discontinued or for sale very cheap. Humidity is a huge factor in how a cigar taste.

How to Store Cigars

A lot of people have confidence that a cigar is at its best when is housed in the right amount of humidity. There are some accessories available for cigars. There are travel cases used for protecting a cigar. Also, there are tubes that carry several cigars at one time. A cigar holder keeps a cigar from falling into an ashtray.

Health Risks of Cigars

There are a lot of health effects that come with smoking a cigar. Anyone who smokes cigars could get different types of cancer. These include lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, and laryngeal cancer. The chemical that is used in cigars is also very addictive.

Cigars are very popular in the United States and Western Europe. Seventy-five percent of cigar sales come from the United States and Western Europe.

A really big selling point in cigars is basically the flavor and the hype from movies and television. Camacho is a popular cigar brand and many individuals today love smoking cigars and getting to select what flavor they want. Also, there are a lot of things people need to know about cigars and how they are made and also how they can affect you physically and mentally.

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