Tattoo Removal: The Available Procedures

Tattoo removal did not start the other day. It would be safe to say that the concept is as old tattoos. For years, people have been experimenting with different methods of tattoo removal. Some of them are crude. However, with the advancement in technology, there have been significant changes in the techniques used for tattoo removal. It is also worth noting that the old ones are still being used today. 

Tattoo removable procedures available today

  1. Laser tattoo removal

This is one of the most advanced of them all. In this procedure, the laser interacts with the ink in the dermis of the skin. Once in contact with the ink, it is broken down into smaller particles which the lymphatic system can expel from the body. Also, the procedure does not usually end in one session. Depending on the individual and the tattoo, one is required to attend about eight to fifteen sessions, which are usually eight weeks apart. The procedure is very effective in tattoo removal and can also be a bit costly. 

If you want to go for laser tattoo removal Milwaukee, find a professional that is well versed in the area to avoid scarring.

  1. Salabrasion and Dermabrasion

This is one of the most ancient tattoo removal procedures that are still in use today. As the name suggests, Salabrasion involves the abrasion of the dermis and epidermis using a saline solution. Dermabrasion, on the other hand, involves the use of a rotating mechanical device for the abrasion of the epidermis and the dermis.

The downside of these procedures is that they cause damage to the skin. Also, the pain can be unbearable.

  1. Skin excision

Skin excision is the removal of skin. For tattoo removal, the procedure is done on the tattooed skin. Is the method effective? Well, yes, and it may be way better than Dermabrasion. However, after the procedure, a scar is usually left where the skin was removed. For that reason, this technique is recommended for smaller tattoos. 

In some cases, grafting is performed alongside this procedure.

  1. Tattoo removal creams

You have probably come across creams labeled “Tattoo Removal.” Most people opt for this technique as it tends to be more affordable than procedures such as laser tattoo removal. The downside, however, is that it may not be as effective as the other methods. What they do is only fade the tattoos. 

 Another method for tattoo removal is subcutaneous injections of solutions. However, it is not a very popular procedure. Once injected under the skin, they dissolve the ink. The disadvantage, however, is that the ink is not removed from the body, therefore, rendering the procedure not very effective. Also, the solutions are usually harsh to the skin and will leave long-term scars.


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