This Year’s Must-Have Fall Accessories

The cooler days of autumn are getting closer and, along with the new season, comes an array of new styles and trends. Everyone wants to get the right accessories for their attire, and for fall there are certain must-have items to keep on-hand and ready to go. Keep reading to get to know some of this year’s must-have fall accessories.

The Perfect Scarves

The right scarf is a versatile and flexible fall accessory that everyone needs. A scarf can be worn in several ways, including around the neck, on the head, and even as a belt. There are a million other creative ways to wear a quality scarf this fall, too.

If an individual is ready to buy scarves for fall, companies like Victoria Ragna have a great range of designer silk scarves. These can be found to go with any look and attire. When it comes to must-have fall accessories, this is one that can’t be forgotten.

Military Jacket

Seen worn by a number of celebrities, such as Beyoncé and Rachel Bilson, the army-green, fitted jacket is a must-have accessory for fall. To achieve the most flattering fit, choose a body-conscious cut including a single row of buttons. There are some jackets that also offer drawstring features to create a look that’s even more form-fitting.

Wear the jacket with jeans and a thin sweater for a simple but stylish look. It can even be worn with tights and a sundress, extending the life of these summer pieces. This is another versatile accessory that should be in everyone’s fall wardrobe.

Cutout Booties

Is it time for a new pair of shoes for fall? If so, consider a pair of ankle-grazing black booties that feature small, yet eye-catching, cutouts near the toe. These are perfect for showing off a set of perfectly painted toenails.

For the office, these booties can be paired with black tights, which help to camouflage the subtle detail. If a person is going out on the town, pair the booties with bright tights for a fun look and feel. These booties are another versatile fall accessory.

A Mixed-Media Necklace

The ever-popular statement necklace from past seasons is still hot news. It offers a simple solution to dress up an understated sweater or plain tee. Also, the more substantial necklaces help to infuse a bit more style with outfits consisting of a cami and slacks or simple blazer.

For a more updated look, consider choosing a necklace that’s made up of mixed materials such as rhinestones, wood, beads, gold, silver, or all the above. A cost-saving bonus is that mixed-media pieces usually look more expensive than they really are. It’s a smart and affordable investment.

Fall Accessories No Outfit Should be Without

When it comes to fall accessories, there are more than a few factors to consider. However, each of the items here should be in everyone’s closet. Make sure to choose the option that best suits a person’s look and style preferences.


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